Project Panda Monium ,the twin engined starlet.(part 48)

Hello again , it has been a while since the last update and you will find out why below .

first up , I have made the rear firewall top bar which bolts in below the harness bar , i have decided to make the rear firewall go up the main hoop and then turn and run to the back of the car under the rear windows. In the 1st pic you can see the angle iron mounted under the window.P1040115

Here is a pic of the painted cage , and in it you can see the mounts I made for the bottom firewall bar ( which I don’t appear to have taken a pic of ). I used a hammered finish paint and with a bit of tiding up and a final touch up will look good.P1040128

In this next pic is the factory crossbar after I removed all the unnecessary brackets and painted it , I also tidied up the steering column removing brackets , ignition barrels , switches etc and painting it black . ignore the rusty steering wheel , that’s just on there to help move the car  .P1040133

After getting the cage finished I applied for homoligation papers and a motorsport log book and now the car officially exists as a racecar 🙂WP_20160226_001

While I was waiting for the paperwork to come though I decided to remove some weight so I removed the sound deadening from the front firewall ( all 800 gms of it ) and some brackets including modifying the gearshift mounting brackets , below is before and after pics , so that was another 1.1 kg saved .




So on to why things have slowed down lately , first up I went to the clubsport nationals at the bottom of the south island at the beginning of march and a friend kindly offered to let me share his car as the race car is still waiting for it’s new motor. It turns out that was not such a good move on his part as I had a small indecent in it where I ended up in a tyre wall at 50 ish km/hr. Considering the car went into the wall sideways on my side of the car I am amazed at how well it held up and how I somehow got out of it with just some bruises etc , you can see how much the seat bent .

So anyway after stuffing our weekend  I then basically brought the car from my mate and am getting ongoing ribbing which I expect to last for some time .

12792378_10208768304342402_7364961357039735257_o 12828559_553249021505710_4161963675968458818_o

It did make me think about safety in the project as it has the potential to crash a lot faster than the city did and I am now looking at head restraint systems , after this crash I want something with side impact protection and the investigation into that continues.

The big thing that is slowing up project work is the fact I got a phone call on the way back from the nationals to say that I would need to vacate my workshop by the end of April ( 6 weeks at that point ) . well considering I have 90 odd square meters of space this is a bit of a problem. I have found and lost a couple of places already , I’m hoping to confirm one in the next few days  but as I have discovered nothing is final till the paperwork is signed . So as a result of this I have spent the last few weeks looking for a new place and sorting / packing the workshop and at this stage it is possible that everything will have to go into storage for a while which will slow things up for some time. I am really hoping this doesn’t happen but time will tell as they say.

To cheer myself up I have been thinking of how I want the car to look and below are some pics of things I like , a long way off atm but you have to think about it in advance 🙂DSC00616tumblr_lmre8ka4OE1ql6l16o3_1280


Till next time


3 thoughts on “Project Panda Monium ,the twin engined starlet.(part 48)

  1. Would love to see a widebody blog posting as part of Panda Monium project. In the mean time keep it up coz really love to see your updates.

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